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Book Review, Revolution, by Jennifer Donnelly

14 January 2011

(U.S. Edition) of Revolution. Author Jennifer Donnelly, Published October 12, 2010, 496 pages. Delacorte Press, an imprint of Random House Children's Books.


Thank you for following me to these pages.  I just completed Revolution and was astounded by everything I’d learned from it.  If you read my book review at the Corner Cafe, http://debrahutchens.wordpress.com/ I gave an earful on this wonderful novel released by Jennifer Donnelly in October 2010. It speaks of the French Revolution but in a ‘novel’ way never before done.  At least, not in a way I’m aware of.  From the point of view of Alexandrine Paradis (who lived during its uprising) and that of Andi Alpers, who lives in modern-day New York and develops a deeper understanding of it through Alex’s words.  One that takes her beyond the pages of a history book, yet through the storytelling of a simple, heart-wrenching diary that Andi discovers while on a trip to Paris.

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