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The Crooked Swing

17 February 2010

Thanks for all your comments.  And I do look forward to seeing you here again.  So please, make yourself at home. 

Right now, I’m swinging the pendulum between attacking my next science fiction thriller (okay, it’s a bunch of cosmic ideas twirling around in my head in a mad loop) and the last manuscript I’m having trouble parting with.  I want desperately to move on, but some inertial force within the Crossing is pulling me back into its orbit.  Something….is whispering to me from behind the iron guard of Stone Gates.  The problem with creating another world is that the characters become all too real, too vivid, and sometimes too livid to even deal with.  They’re ready to let me go, they’ve said their farewells, but I keep coming back and discovering new things about them.  For instance, I’m driving in my car, riding along the highway, when a little voice inside me intrudes on my thoughts to say…”Ummm..Debra did you know that when Brandon was young, he did this?…”  and “When Gillian was sixteen she was attacked walking home one night by someone from Fair View High…”  (They were Leland High’s rival) and one more thing…”Did you know that when Gillian was fifteen she and Cody (his best friend) shared a kiss, but Brandon never found out?” 

Why?  Because it would kill him, and they were wise to keep it from him.  For his own good as well as theirs.  He loved her to the point of obsession.  The idea of Cody and Gillian ‘together’ in any way, shape or form would drive him up the wall.  Brandon was not one to forgive.  He wasn’t one to dispense mercy.  He fell under the sign of Scorpio and would disable anyone who came between them.  How do I mean by disable?  Brandon has a gift that most people don’t know about, (except for the kinfolk of Kings Valley) but you have to enter the Crossing to find out what it is.

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