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Imagine being instated into a fraternity where gladiatorial-combat is recognized as an art. A society that stands apart from University supervision and where the ‘boy’s regime’ creates its own body of law in a fellowship that redefines the meaning of hazing. Fighting was a trait inherent to the society’s nature that existed under the name Stone Legion; an estranged college fraternity that defines its own moral constitution. Its members, once friends, now fight against one another as hopeful contenders to earn their place in the society. In the spirit of honoring the ancient Romans, they compete against each other in The Arena Challenges, sword-combat that takes place during the fraternity’s founding month of October.


Each game occurs on a Friday. A day reserved in recognition of virility in honor of the Roman society’s patron god, Mars. Pledges are urged by fellow fraternity brothers to tap into their primal instinct; those who prevail in the fight to be christened on Halloween as brothers. As they compete through each battle, Christian Daye, a devoted society member, becomes distrustful of a pledge whose motive becomes suspect to exposing the society’s past. Soon, he is divided between the forces of ‘brotherhood’ and conscience, as agony and assault propel him to take a stand in which he must fight against this destructive league of brotherhood alone.