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"...The groundwork of the treaty was now set. Brandon will be at my side to steer me through the hardships, the adversities. The ascribed mentor to aid me unerringly in my journey through the world. Even if I should betray him during the passage..."






Shortly after Gillian Bisset and her family move into the rustically, gated community of King’s Crossing at the age of 11, she catches the eye of a neighboring boy named Brandon Scott.  From this early childhood, the two forge an enduring friendship where she becomes the lifelong object of his desire well into adulthood. Despite their growing companionship or any deep affection they share, Gillian doesn’t return his love, and constantly sets her sights higher for something more ideal.  Unwittingly inflicting cruelty through rejection as Brandon tries to assert his feelings that cross the boundaries of their friendship. Through the years, both she and Brandon, along with their clique posse of friends, become inseparable as they navigate their way through adolescence and eventually, through the dating perils and unwelcoming dilemmas brought on by adulthood.

The Crossing isn’t your typical elitist, suburbanite-snob neighborhood of pristine mansions and manicured lawns.  Some of the houses are haunted, fueled by the rage of the ghosts of its ancestors.  And the kids aren’t always welcoming of newcomers. What’s more, Brandon has a dark side that builds when he suffers from her unrequited love, one that Gillian, strangely enough, gravitates to.  And with his connection to his spiritual ancestors and a gift of clairvoyance, he’ll use his psychic talent and whatever means available to gain advantage against anyone who comes between them.